How to Implement In-App Review in Flutter

Learn how to implement in-app review in your Flutter application.

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How to Implement In-App Review in Flutter

Hello everyone, In this article, I am going to discuss, how you can implement In-App Review on your Flutter app.

Both Android & iOS provides an API to ask the user for reviews. In-App Review lets users review your app without going to the PlayStore/AppStore.

Flutter Implementation

To implement In-App Review in Flutter we are going to use in_app_review plugin.

Add this dependency to your pubspec.yaml file -

in_app_review: ^2.0.3

Use the code below to ask for a review -

import 'package:in_app_review/in_app_review.dart';

final InAppReview inAppReview = InAppReview.instance;

if (await inAppReview.isAvailable()) {

This will open a review popup on your app. But remember one thing the popup will not open every time you wanted. Use this sparingly otherwise, no pop-up will appear.

You can also go through the plugin link for more details -

in_app_review | Flutter Package
Flutter plugin for showing the In-App Review/System Rating pop up on Android, IOS and MacOS. It makes it easy for users to rate your app.

Hope you have liked the article if you have any problems you can ask me in the comment section.

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