How to create a bucket in AWS S3

Learn to create a bucket in AWS S3

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How to create a bucket in AWS S3

Hello everyone, In this article, I'll be discussing how we can create a bucket in AWS S3 to store the data.

The process is pretty simple and small. So let's begin.


The first step is to open the AWS console and search for S3.

Now click on the first search result, this will open the S3 console. Which will look something like this.


Now click on Create bucket button. This will open the form screen.

The first thing you will be asked is the bucket name & region.


This is the name of your bucket. The bucket name must be unique globally. So you must come up with a unique name for your bucket.


You can select any of the available regions here. The region specifies the geographical location where your data is going to be stored.

So you must choose your region as per your country's laws and a region that is geographically close to you to optimize latency, minimize costs, or address regulatory requirements or a region that is close to the location of the vast majority of users.


The next thing is blocking public access to your bucket. By default, all the objects will be blocked from public access. But if you want them to be publically available just uncheck the top checkbox.

Otherwise, you can move with default for this section.


You can enable the bucket versioning if you want to have a record of each version of the objects stored in the bucket.

For example - You have stored a file with some content in it. Now you have added more content to the file and uploaded it to the S3 bucket. If the versioning is enabled the S3 will make a record of the file with old content and will update the new file. Now If you want to check the files of any previous version, you can do that easily, because S3 has them stored in their records.


You can give tags to the bucket. This can help you to mark out your bucket uniquely.


You can enable server-side encryption for the content of your bucket. By default it is disabled.

After filling the form just click on the Create bucket button. This will create the bucket for you.

So that's how you can create a bucket in AWS S3.

I hope this article helped you. If you have any questions related to this topic you can ask me in the comment section.

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