How to add users in AWS using Identity Access Management (IAM)

Learn to add users in AWS using Identity Access Management (IAM).

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How to add users in AWS using Identity Access Management (IAM)

Hello everyone, In this article, I'll be discussing how you can add new users to your AWS account using AWS Identity Access Management (IAM).

So, without any chit-chat let's begin with the procedure.

  1. Open AWS IAM Console.

To open IAM. Just follow the above images.

2. Once you had opened the IAM Console. Click on the "Users" option marked on the above image. By clicking on the "Users" option you get a screen something like this.

To initiate the process of adding the user, click on the "Add users" button as marked in the above image.

3. Once you had clicked on the "Add users" button, a form will appear which will look something like this.

So this form includes 4 steps. We will discuss each step in detail one by one.

STEP 1 - User Details

In the first step, you have to enter the user name. And also had to choose the access type. There are two access types.

  1. Programmatic Access - Will give users the credentials to access AWS services using the command line or SDK.
  2. AWS Management Console access - This Will give users access to the AWS Console.

In this article, I'll be going with the AWS Management Console Access.

STEP 2 - Permissions

In the permissions section, you can choose the permissions that you want to grant to the new users. In this either you can choose permission from a group or an existing user or you can choose it separately.

In this article, I'll be going with the third option. And here I am assigning it with full permission to S3.

STEP 3 - Tags

You can simply add some tags to the users. You can use tags to include some user-related information.

In this article, I'll be moving next without any tags.

STEP 4 - Review

In this step, you can review the details for the last time, before adding the users.


Once you had filled in all the details and create the users,  you will get the credentials for them to log in. And please be sure to download the .csv credential file. Because you cannot access it again later. If you ever lost the .csv file, you have to regenerate the credentials. That will make the older credentials useless.

So that's all for this article, I hope you have found this article informative.

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