Learn to manage your AWS billings.

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Hello everyone, In this article, I am going to discuss how you can manage your costs and bills on AWS. In this article, I am going to describe to you, what different graphs represent on your AWS billing console.


First talking about what the AWS Billing & Cost Management is -

AWS Billing & Cost Management is the service that you use to pay your AWS bill, monitor your usage, control & analyse your costs.

You can access the Billing & Cost Management Console by finding the section marked on the images below -

The Billing & Cost Management will look something like this -

The values may differ on your dashboard but all around it will be something like this on your account.

Note — The AWS Billing & Cost Management Console has a global scope. That means you can manage the billing and costs of all the regions here.

Some of the common tasks that you can perform on AWS Billing & Management Console are -

  • Review you usage
  • Turn on reports
  • Download or print your bill
  • Setup budgets to monitor your account
  • Get answers to questions about your bill

Monitoring your usage & cost

In this section, I will discuss, how you can read your graphs on your AWS Billing & Management Console.

On your dashboard, you can review the following graphs -

  • Spend Summary
  • Month-to-Date Spend by Service
  • Month-to-Date Top Services by Usage

Let's discuss each graph one by one

Spend Summary

The spend summary graph shows you how much you spend last month, the estimated costs of your usage for the month to date, and a forecast of how much you are likely to spend this month.

Note — The forecast is an estimate based on your past AWS costs, so your actual monthly costs might not match the forecast.

Month-to-Date Spend By Service

The Month-to-Date spend by service graph shows the top services that you use the most & the proportion of your cost that service contributes to the cost.

Note — The graph here does not include forecasting.

Month-to-Date Top Services By Usage

The tables show the services that you use most for the month to date.

Note — It does not include forecasting.

So in this article, I have discussed the basics of Bills & Cost Management on AWS. In the next articles, I will discuss Cost Explorer on AWS.

Reference — AWS Documentation

Hope this article helped you. If you have any questions, you can ask me in the comment section.